Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.23 

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ  

In addition, the explanation about the correspondence was the following thing.

About "the matter that a bolt was lost during tire exchange of Tamaraw in an occasion, cope in cooperation with an agency".   It was written now even if I did the arrangement that identified a car in an agency and dealers. 

The contents was soft expression, but was the answer book that showed off posture not to lend the edge to hear in the report from us to.

When "Toyota Motor Corporation was called from an American old friend in the middle of such exchanges between Toyota by American Congress public hearing", shocking information to say jumped. 

Malfunction occurred to the electric system of the prius car by the story of the friend, and it seemed to wake up an accident resulting in injury or death in the basis. Because the cause investigation and correspondence to a victim were insufficient, a public hearing seemed to be held.

I saw next day when I asked it to want a friend to examine the details, maintenance man two of the Toyota Laguna factory for confirmation by the bolt buckling up of the accident car.

The courtesy was right, but, surprisingly, I took five or six pieces of photographs and have just returned without I did not ask about the accident situation just to have brought one camera, and checking the rotation of the axle which a bolt curved to.

A family is any strange event as I look puzzled when I die and would come.  After all I was insincere in one's responsibilities, and General Manager Harada was a liar. 

I will say the useless administrator who is despised by the staff of the Toyota Motor Corporation Philippines if I talk in a different way.

タマラオのタイヤ交換中にボルトが折損されました件につきましては、代理店と協力し対応させていただいております。 現在、代理店及びディーラーにてお車を確認させていただく手配をしております 』と書いてありました。


トヨタとの間でこの様なやり取りの最中に米国の古い友人から、『 トヨタ自動車が米国議会公聴会に呼び出される 』と云う、衝撃的な情報が飛び込んできたのです。

友人の話ではプリウス車の電気系統に不具合が発生し、それが基で人身事故を起こしたらしい。 その原因究明と被害者への対応が不十分なために公聴会が開かれるとのことでした。

友人に詳細を調べて欲しい旨を依頼した翌日、トヨタ・ラグーナ工場の整備員が二人、事故車のボルト折れを確認に見えた。 礼儀は正しかったが驚いたことに、カメラ一台持参しただけで事故状況を質問する訳でもなく、ボルトが折れた車軸の廻りをチェックもせずに、写真を5,6枚撮ってそのまま帰ってしまった。

家内までが何しに来たのだろうと首を傾げるほどの珍事でした。 やはり原田室長は自分の職責に不真面目で嘘つきであった。


Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.22

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

〠 I wrote a document to a customer-related overseas general manager since a feeling waited to become quiet.

There was not at all the inevitability to make an absurd remark that I tried direct appeal to President Toyota expressly, and was rude. The local corporation is why and brandishes the last time and totally similar technique without a lie and a falsehood on your document and will make fun of me? Is it to imitate that I seem to play with us?

I appealed for these.

〠 The reply from General Manager Mr.Harada for my written inquiry was the following contents.

"I inform we field agency Toyota Motor Philippines and, about the proposal contents, order correspondence".

Seem to non-to have caused a turn about correspondence to Yamaguchi and is really sorry.

It was the too nasty-nice sentence that made a fool of another person as ever, but the willpower to take in good faith has been already lost by this answer. I was strong and felt whether I began to be angry whether I would not wait to give it up.

The consistency of a strange action of Toyota Motor Corporation matched if I thought like that, but I was not able to ignore the risk of the bolt buckling up.

〠 気持ちが静まるのを待ってから顧客関連海外室長にも書面を書いたのです。

わざわざ豊田社長にまで直訴を試みて無礼な暴言を吐く必然性は全くなかった。  貴方の書面に嘘と偽りがなければ、現地法人は何故に前回と全く同様の手法を振りかざし、私を揶揄するのでしょうか!?  当方を弄ぶ様な真似をするのですか!?


〠 私の質問書に対する原田室長からの返信は次の様な内容でした。

『  お申し出内容につきましては、私共現地代理店Toyota Motor Philippinesへ申し伝え対応を指示しております。 山口様への対応に関しご不番をお掛けしておりますとのこと、誠に申し訳ございません 』。

相変わらず他人を馬鹿にしたような慇懃無礼すぎる文章だったが、 この回答から誠意を感じ取る気力はすでに失われていました。 私が 怒りだすか諦めるのを待っているのではないだろうかと強く感じました。


Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.21

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

Of course, I did not think that I reached Toyota president's hand.

The keyboard of the personal computer was beaten when noticing it. Details via the Tokyo headquarters, the Toyota headquarters, and the foreign countries room, etc. were spelt and everything was spelt. However, actually feeling that what was choked to the chest grew further was remembered.
I also lived through years of 67 years the average.

I was going to bite and to have tightened a moderate experience. However, it is an experience of starting that even human dignity was threatened. It was written that feelings forcibly polluted were not able to finish being restrained, and it was ruled by resentment near the tremble.

And I imagined it when Akio Toyota had this document in his/her hand in the heart when I would have what kind of action stolen as expected. 

I will not crush it possibly since it is the grandchild of the founder. There is just a few it, but thinks that such feelings passed through the mind.


気が付くとパソコンのキーボードを叩いておりました。 東京本社、豊田本社、海外室などを経由した経緯をすべて書きおわったのですが、然し、胸の閊えは一層大きくなったと実感したのです。