Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 NO.41

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

"This toll-free dial recorded all conversation with a visitor in order to avoid the trouble of a later" was announced.

Probably he was unfamiliar one since Mr. Akio Toyoda was a direction on clouds, but he was surprised at the technique which scorned the customer too much and whose fool it made as a service agency of the manufacturing-and-selling company representing the world.

It is also the proof in which the complaint is always pouring, so that it will not process and go out to it if a customer is not threatened from the beginning in Toyota Motor if the reverse side is returned. The role which this message plays is a guidepost which withers a customer, and makes it become silent, or drives into rage, and makes a crime commit, and understanding it as a part of a service agency has unreasonableness too much.

Where will such an idea be born from? The imagination was not possibly turned on from old Toyota Motor Corporation, too.

このフリーダイヤルは後日のトラブルを回避するため、お客様との会話を総て録音いたします 』と告げられました。




何処からこの様な発想が生まれるのでしょうか!? 昔のトヨタ自動車からは到底想像もつかないことでした。

Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.40

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

 ഏ How to advance negotiation and an easy legal thing were taught to such a situation from the old detailed acquaintance for five days, and it was got from the next day.

However, it will be omission that rejection at the door of what they told with one voice is carried out. Even if it is fortunately able to meet a person in charge, since it tells a boss and places, the place of today will be said in taking over.

ഏ Call the police and will be thrown into the tollbooth for breaking and entering if I become a guard at a reception desk when I worsen it to rub it.

Still do not stop it if say that go,; but, no matter what happens, big; was swatted a shoulder without speaking when was what both hands always put away in the pocket of pants.

ഏ 0800-700-7700  This Area Booking Collect Call Service is a number of the customer service center of Toyota Motor Corporation in Nagoya City

If all of you run once, assent should reach, but a tape recording voice jumps out suddenly and is won spirit in the message of the contents that it is unbelievable. I think that I am not strange now.


然し、彼らが異口同音に語ったことは、玄関払いされるのが落ちだろう。 運よく担当者に面会できたとしても、上司に伝えて置くから今日のところはお引き取りをと云う事になる。



0800-700-7700 このフリーダイヤルは、名古屋市にあるトヨタ自動車の顧客サービス・センターのものです。



Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.39

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

I think that it was about time when it during August just one year ago. If it was difficult for a rumor with around 1,500 million yen to obtain the settlement out of court information of the victim exclusively, the fine received communication from an American friend.
Thought that I did not go back to my own country by hook or by crook became strong afterwards since there was no communication at all from Toyota Motor Corporation.

The situation only of the idea for about one month until returning home was assumed and seen. It made a fair copy of the telephone record exchanged with the Toyota Motor Philippines again, the questionnaire that I had written was read until being possible to memorize it, and it returned it.
It knew the settlement money of Toyota was as much as 1.4 billion yen in the TV news.

I attached to the road of the homecoming after an interval of five years without forgetting a complex desire on September 18, 2010.





Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.38

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

Punishment money that the open hearing can leave the friend in the United States of beginning on April, 2010 has told the thing that seems to become about two billion yen the thing etc. of which the private settlement with the victim who encountered the accident seems to have a rough going in the meantime.

It had a hearty laugh at media of the United States if no one had believed since beginning when the matter of the management company that Mr. Akio Toyoda committed was asked.

The conclusion that I was able to analyze such situation into calmly was to say when the matter of the bolt buckling up would be buried in the darkness if I did not have face-to-face talk until the fine of American Congress and the settlement with the victim were handled after it went back to say when I did not arrive at what conclusion even if I moved in a hurry either.

I asked oneself and watched it when I would take around six months if the end in the United States was early and ran into difficulties for three months.