Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.47

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

It was asserted as not Toyota but your having the cause that the talk was complicated to which the talk did not progress because I did not pick up the telephone receiver by the home that Ms. FURUNO raising one's spirits as smoothed one's feathers, and being prolonging the solution again responded to local staff's telephone.

Which the victim is not understood.

I remembered that acquaintances talked while putting a receiver

If a company thinks that the thing is useless for the organization, I fire you plainly.
Because hard workers understand the thing well, there is not the nature that the boss forms on to a body speaking of black even if I believe that oneself is white.

I had a feeling that I heard the part of the car and the laughter of the acquaintance whom I told not to be replaced after all.

I followed such a progress, and me challenge ended in defeat wonderfully.

再びフルノ女史は気を取り直した様にテンションを上げ、解決が長引いているのは「 現地スタッフの電話に応答するのは何時も家内で、私が受話器を取らないから話が進展しない 」、話がこじれている原因はトヨタではなく貴方にあると繰り返しました。






Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.46

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

It called the foreign countries room in Nagoya City again on September 28 promised three days later.

Ms. FURUNO made the document by general manager Mr. Harada the stick reading , saying that "The mechanic of the overseas subsidiary investigated the accident car on September 10 last year, and the cause of the bolt breaking was reported to the home" when talking from the conclusion.

Whom of which post you confirmed it to at once mattered to me.

In addition, I murmured the words that it was not for a voice, but have drunk later words when I called several reports which I sent to four documents which I submitted so far to an overseas room and Harada general manager or corrected it.
Good faith and passion for one's work are not felt at all.

And, she shook the voice as recalled. The talk doesn't advance because you do not take a telephone call by the home to correspondence to local staff's telephone. The cause that the talk was complicated shouted that not Toyota but you had.

I think that I asked whether it is a certainty, and the idea is echoing of general manager Mr. Harada. The conversation became interrupted again. It is memorized that the effect that spoke with the general manager was blurted out several times though the talk does back and forth.

Because I was a public telephone, it is not certain though Toyota might have been recording.







Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.45

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

The outside became gradually strong in cold autumn rain.

FURUNO Ms. gradually strengthened the degree of the excitement to talk it down somehow. I let me admit that oneself was a fair person in charge and have begun to keep talking on a state and the violent logic somehow.

Sense of purpose was about to become opaque in surplus stubbornness several times.

The Ms. FURUNO's fervent speech was severed.

Because it might be regret, you also stop the conduct oneself of today to the talk around here in material shortage. I present the delay for three days. Please do the print match of the talk between those as general manager Mr. Harada.

When mother visited a grave, I put the telling receiver.

When it was only filtered it equipment that conveniently purified the customer complaint to Toyota by the pretense and was the cover-up, the name of the customer complaint center noticed it after it returned to the hotel.




女史の熱弁を断ち切る形で、フルノさんも資料不足では話にくいでしょうから、今日の処はこの辺でやめましょう。 貴女に三日間の猶予を差し上げます。その間に原田室長と話のすり合わせをして下さい。



Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.44

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

I looked and obtained it and understood my story and did not assume that a temper was intense with a state.

I repeated the thing of the part and the question to a TAMARAW car while controlling a feeling to be irritated with you, and a conversation such as a partner and the competition for patience continued.

The voice that talked with somebody overflowed it subtly while she seemed to give it up when I did it for around five minutes, and saying when I waited for a while.

Because it was called that it was FURUNO of the charge in the voice of a young woman again since I did it for a while, I easily explained it while thinking that it was courtesy.

Since her reaction was regarded as the person in charge only to the mere clerk in name only, some ill-tempered questions were also tried. Morbid wariness to the extent that it feels just then to hostility like an operator was shown openly.

I felt that it was that was going to let you be angry that her logic provoked me clearly. I doubted it, and there was not it.







Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.43

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

Although I telephoned the customer center of a certain home electronics maker by my friend's proposal the day before yesterday, such violent reception was not carried out.

The person in charge answered in the phone and heard the talk exactly.

Although various differences were probably in the plan by the company, an operator had not heard it in a customer's correspondence etc.

An operator memorizes it again as having said that I hear the consultation of the visitor in place of Harada.

Because I am consultation difficult at once, I cannot omit explanation.
Because it was the relationship that exchanged documents with the general manager, I told it when I wanted General Manager Harada to tie it by all means.






Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.42

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ No.41すみ

I turned Area Booking Collect Call Service from a public telephone of Shinjuku while the gentle rain fell at past 3:00 p.m. on September 24.

It was an aim settled down by oneself, but a hand to grasp a receiver in shivered little by little, and heart seemed to slightly make a sound.

I introduce myself as a young operator each other and tell that I came from the Philippines.

And it was told that there was something to consult with a Harada overseas section head on regarding wheel stop bolt breakage of the vehicle type called TAMARAW.

It might be my imagination, but felt that the tone of the operator was replaced for an instant. It seemed that her breathing could be heard. And mumbling, since he was charge, it was suggested that the talk was heard.

I was able to believe my ears of my hardly for a moment. You became that it is likely to be said that he is an operator, and drank language.