Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.63

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

It was anger of mother to tell the great founder of an excellent company to be extremely impolite. An event touched than such a thing happened. It is that the invitation such as the dream please to say when I take a test for employment of Toyota if graduation is decided reached it from the general affairs department of Toyota Motor Corporation the one and a half years later.

For a strong demand of mother finding employment graduated from a university, and to tell I was after, and not to be late either, I did not realize the goodwill of your grandfather. However, the mind of warm consideration to be considerate of another person of the great person who cannot express it and the bottomless attachment for one's company is still branded on my heart by the words.



Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.62

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

I who failed in an examination gave the letter of the complaint to President founder of Toyota for stomach energy four times. I knocked down my cheeks by frightful force at the same time as a red seal of the special delivery thrust a pushed tea envelope at the tip of nose as soon as mother who was the vice-chief of the bureau of the post office came back from a job on one day when I had completely forgotten such a thing.

A thing, the bonnet which wanted you to wait for a while because you were near completion became slender, and the engine which it was a thin writing brush letter, and was new was written down to the mail paper that came out from a tea envelope when the weight of the steering wheel was reduced to half. Corolla and the design image which liked two peas in a pod which sold explosively later were pictured in one piece of another mail-paper.



Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.61

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

As for the examination car of the examination room where I went to, Toyota corona was a ratio of one to four Nissan Datsun. The examination car which I was given was always a corona for some reason. I was round, and, as for the then corona car, a bonnet swelled like a bean-jam bun. In the bench-type driving seat, the back was deep and was the fellow who was heavy if a steering wheel was thoughtless.

At last, to me whom 160Cm was not worth height, a tiptoe arrived on brakes and a clutch. I was in condition I peeped out, and to seem to look at the bonnet tip from the ring of the steering wheel when I sat in the driver's seat. The driving that is good even if I make an effort so much. The subject examination did not have any problem, but practice was totally no use.

私の通った試験場の試験車は、日産ダットサン四台にトヨタ・コロナが一台の割合でした。何故か私に与えられる試験車は何時もコロナだった。 当時のコロナ車は、ボンネットが餡パンの様に丸くて盛り上がっており、ベンチ式の運転座席は背もたれが深く、ハンドルがむやみと重い代物でした。


Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.60

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

If it says that it is cunning, a way this much cunning to until and coldhearted is also incomparable, and how to carry out deer expression by it being brilliant for it not being different from the correspondence to the customer in the U.S. at all, either, either does not occur. For the purpose of what has Toyota Motor which I trusted it and loved large-reformed from the time of when?

Only a few should listen to an old tale.
Although I thought that President Toyoda must be considerably younger than I, and he was therefore unfamiliar, when we were young, there was a license of the class called four small size license. Since acquisition was allowed when he became 16 years old, it used to try to be the first and boys used to challenge, as fascinated.


昔話を少しだけお聞きください。 豊田社長は私よりだいぶ若いはずだからご存知ないと思いますが、私達の幼い頃は小型四輪免許と言う階級のライセンスがありました。十六歳になると取得が許されたから、少年たちは魅せられたように先を争って挑戦したものです。

Tyranny of Toyota / トヨタの横暴 No.59

Bolt breaking of Toyota car / トヨタ車のボルト折れ

I was confused by a name to call foreign countries complaint window for and revealed my true intentions counting on a person of temporary transfer from the inconvenience of words. However, it is blocked by the long spear of a battlefront military unit given neither no responsibility nor the authority and raises a flag of surrender or I give vent to feelings and wander in the course of the defeat or expose a corpse finally, or will there be only such a method?

If President Toyoda, this were the answers to customer of Toyota Motor Corporation, would the show stopper which the pledge by the U.S. congressional hearing of President Toyoda was what and played to the people concerned of the world by the next press conference and an excuse pilgrimage be a scenario from a beginning? I do not want to believe it.


豊田社長、これがトヨタ自動車の顧客に対する回答だとするならば、豊田社長の米議会公聴会での公約は何だったのです?その後の記者会見および言い訳行脚で、世界中の関係者に演じて見せた名演技は、最初からのシナリオだったのでしょうか。 私は信じたくない。