国際貢献とは何だ / International aid will be what NO.12

To a new friend / 新しき友へ

These contents extracted it from a manuscript of Twitter.

I was not able to express it well, but should be able to send the life that I am quieter, and is peaceful if many people can share natural sense of values and mos. The happiness that I expect is a thing simple in this way, but believes it even if I am born from such quiet working with the true happiness.

Because it is the same fellow creature, nationality does not matter.
However, it will be a human feeling to yearn for the mother country in anyone since it is a human being.  I believe the tomorrow's happiness and will live peacefully! I will grow like that.




国際貢献とは何だ / International aid will be what NO.11

New desire / 新たな願望

I recognize that I am controversial enough by your allowance.

It is agreement to be the cause that the thought of ancient people including our generation produced the present conditions.
It is an active play generation nothing but it that it defeats the Liberal Democratic Party government several years ago to want you to remember one and raised a flag of the Democratic Party. I was not bleeding, and I got together for an unshapely riot, and there was not it. It was declaration of intention that I kept the too beautiful order as the human being.

I am very irresponsible, but what can build further new life Japan employs all of you and is not thought elsewhere. Please burn flame of the reform not criticism for descendant prosperity once again.




国際貢献とは何だ / International aid will be what NO.10

Limit of the patience / 我慢の限界

I do not like the noisy act to be called revolutions.

However, it will be impossible to remove distrust of politics that grieves over for days, the dissatisfaction to the company, the resentment to a bureaucrat unless it talks about a person sharing will, and people of a young active play generation form even a new party if it is permitted irresponsible expression by violence.

In addition, I feel that such a mood may be rising.

I passed to several generations, and we Japanese race watched only the prosperity of the mother country in a dream and, since defeat in World War II, endured it.
And there is it now, but such efforts have already exceeded a limit, too. In this situation I will certainly follow a course of the decline.





国際貢献とは何だ / International aid will be what NO.9

Suffering of the nation / 国民の苦悩

There was many it, and the voyage route of such Nippon-Maru existed in the country without stopping at only the Japanese foreign territory.
It was hard to tell all of you around the stricken area, but it lasted in time when I had a long it here by inviting a monster called nuclear power generation, and a far-off tax of the mind fell.

Even the right that the civilian knew the details was not permitted so far. No, it is different. I continued being successfully deceived by the government of the own country.

It is not only the thing of the nuclear power plant. The end is not readily found if I count up earthquake and tsunami measures, National Pension System, big company preferential taxation.



原子力発電所の事だけではない。 地震や津波対策、国民年金制度、大企業優遇税制など数え上げれば切がないほどあります。

国際貢献とは何だ / International aid will be what NO.8

With the international contribution / 国際貢献とは

A sense of beauty for the money in particular lacks.

Because it is not taught right sense of money, when it "is a commonplace to help the human being that a rich person is poor", I am calm and eat it. Therefore I am not going to pay the money which I borrowed either. It is the winner if I satisfy worldly desires regardless of means. 
The heart as the human being becomes too much poor financially in the poor past.  Will it be any kind of thing to abandon the tax of the important nation to such a place?

There is a fault in the Japanese Government not to appeal to for the fact that helped clearly if I talk in a different way. It is evidence seen through an attitude of the government where a rose easily sprinkles enormous money on.

Children who lost weight die of food shortage with several thousand people on a day if I look around the world. May help not to lead to the lifesaving that is not thanked for either be really called an international contribution?
It is the place where a question is left very much.


正しい金銭感覚を教えられていないから、「金持ちが貧しい人間を助けるのは当たり前 」 だと平然と口にする。だから借りた金も返そうとしない。手段がどうであれ物欲を満たせば勝者なのである。



国際貢献とは何だ / International aid will be what NO.7

Each sense of values  / それぞれの価値観

I am why and will have to help the tax of the vast nation for such a country.

The Japanese Government does not understand that it becomes no profit for the nation at all. The helped side looks a matter of course let alone thanks. I cannot have at all thanks and the idea that it is natural to say while receiving a large amount of help that I can hardly raise at home.

The one that said that they do not understand a sense of beauty that no, we races share is right.




国際貢献とは何だ / International aid will be what NO.6

Morality and sense of values / 道徳と価値観

Then how will about the neighboring country?
It was past the payment of caddie costs at a certain golf course, and a player and a caddie caused argument. If the correspondence of the caddie master who acted for arbitration was rude, an interruption became available from the embassy of the neighboring country.

Even if it is seized the money that a tourist is unreasonable at a nightclub in the embassy of our country, I will give nothing when I do it.
I must do indifference. I will not give it even if I assure an embassy that it is a civil affair even if I call for help. 

Because Japanese Government makes the attitude toward help country vague, the staff of the branch office does not think about the security of the own nation seriously. I do not enter a troublesome event, and mind has only that I act as a temporary transfer time limit in without what and go back to my own country.
The human being of this country knows it well about such a thing surprisingly.