再生日本の鍵 / The key that Japan recovers itself No.3

Neck of the Prime Minister / 総理の首

It may be cursed by something.

It was revival of the Okinawa U.S. base at first. The next was hit by the great earthquake, even the nuclear power plant was destroyed, and radioactivity scattered broadly. Before being completed by all the problem of them, the loach made the TPP problem expand and the severe earthquake ran all over the country.
All the people have fallen into the entire panic condition.

I am not different in the one, too, but a monologue lifts a head whether I should change a transmission method of the different popular will to before in this neighborhood. The new administration made it, but the eyes of the monitoring were sweet.
I think that this is reflection materials of we nations, and there is not a way.

Of course I whom I did not need to learn politics do not have a bright idea, but am to say when the problem that present Japan holds even if only the neck of the Prime Minister changes that I feel like understanding only one solves nothing.
That person should have understood that I was no use at which level that was because it showed personality with cuttlefish and others good at a speech kindly.






再生日本の鍵 / The key that Japan recovers itself No.2

Young power / 若い力

Mr. Ozawa, Mr. Hatoyama, or Mr. Kan also appears, and it is not also the Prime Minister who gave up on the long Liberal Democratic Party Administration across which it boiled and went, and made the present government. Furthermore, they are not notables of the present Democratic Party executives.

They are the ordinary Japanese. Otherwise, they are you, the working population not becoming. It was not an overstatement even if it said that the passion which loves your homeland caused the miracle.

I took sides with neither the luck nor the luck. I might run out what an important thing was. However, it is a fact I line up, and to have changed the third neck in a short term.

When I reshuffled two necks, the vortex of the criticism was awful force. And while I make noise when expectations came off, a new neck comes up, and it is past this neck of loach again now, and a heated argument is exchanged.   





再生日本の鍵 / The key that Japan recovers itself No.1

Heaviness of the experience / 経験の重み

Representative Shizuka Kamei of the People's New Party took greetings at a representative from Democratic Party meeting a few days ago, and it seemed to be stated, "the cause that a politician was ruined was because the most of the nation had been able to have square" it.

Moreover, it heard having also emphasized a sense of crisis of it having been inserted into the U.S. and China and sinking about the present condition of Japan.

Even if I arrested you when I thought about only the surface of words when many people were usual violent Kamei styles, I felt it when I wanted I liked it personally, or in an active play generation to think about this excellent opinion as the other problem seriously particularly whether you disliked it.
I want you to recall no, the flame which burnt just several years ago.

国民新党の亀井静香代表が数日前に民主党議員会合であいさつに立ち、「 政治家が駄目になった原因は、国民の殆どがいかれてしまったからだ 」と述べられたそうです。