Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.4

The first encounter / 最初の出会い

One day of early spring, 2003, I were about to leave member course of the Aipolo city for two times a week of golf that were the only hobby.
It is introduced that this course that Mr. Jack Klaus designed checks on the Internet with an outstanding difficulty course in the Philippines.

There is 6684-yard distance from a middle tee, the separation of the fairway is carried out by intentional up and down, and natural brook is arranged freely.
It is so quick that green has struck the average on it and rotation of a ball is surprised. It is not a course in which a play easy to be sure is allowed.

I with the peculiarity always played alone was followed by the favorite caddie, also put this day to the No. 6 long hole, and cut it in credit. A caddie let you point to the group in front meaningfully and looked into my face.
It was a fellow being of the age followed by the beautiful woman to the extent that he is surprised also at me who have got it used to seeing a young woman.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.3


In Japan, if it tells others that it goes to the Philippines, "taking care about the countryman which is from Filipinos there", and this language will come on the contrary rightly.
Before I was also concerned with this country, advice was received from the great government official of the government office which went up permission approval proof to the wish so that it might be told repeatedly.

Those who mistake timing like me, and cannot return to it even if he would like to go back to this town, The lonely old man of the middle-aged woman who is taking care of it, and the woman of a homeland etc. who were not able to become fortunate are various, committing the woman who flowed and arrived in this country and married the foreigner, a man like a migratory bird who dreamed of making a fortune at a stroke, and the Japanese man who carried bondage on the back.

Even if it takes up only the trade with which I was concerned, if the middle-aged man etc. who came to search those who have pursued the Philippines woman, the person called from the woman, and their wife who went missing remove the worker-on-loan relation of a company, they will feel even a sign like a market of the people charged with the difficult cross as it is.


日本国内ではフィリピンへ行くのだと他人に話せば、『フィリピン人より現地にいる同胞に気を付けろ 』、この言葉が間違いなく返って来る。私もこの国と関わる前、許可認可証明をお願いに上がった官庁の偉いお役人さんから、念を押される様にアドバイスを受けました。



Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.2


Whisper of the middle of a journey / 旅路の囁き

I got impatient a heart to expect peaceful life was troubled and suffered and panted, and aching to wipe opaque resentment to smolder. And I am mystery for oneself direct or another lonely human shadow looking on with a too cold look with one's figure deleting must be it and stands still. I sometimes watched it with an unkind look.

One and 2 troubles are held and it becomes irritated with an impulse to tell someone and the impatience which cannot be started easily, and all human beings are always the interval, they are puzzled, and struggle and are also in pain.
The courage which tells truth connects the hope to tomorrow, and it turns out that it is a shortcut which mends an open seam of the heart!!
This may be an excuse to weak itself.


人間は皆ひとつやふたつの悩みを抱え、誰かに話したい衝動となかなか切り出せない歯痒さに苛立ち、何時もその狭間で戸惑いもがき苦しんでもいる。真実を語る勇気が明日への希望を繋ぎ、心の綻びを繕う近道であると解っているのに!! これは弱い己に対する言い訳かも知れない。


Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.1


Whisper of the middle of a journey / 旅路の囁き

"I just get rid with the life, it is cried, and the party who surely glitters somewhere waits".

I am at a loss such life, and take heart by oneself in a thing and lived, but a season of the new departure just has a foreboding in a far-off thing secretly. I look back on a past moment like another person and express a sigh about emptiness of the human world, and what feelings ache to go through guts so as still to be obstinate, and make noise will be why.

They were also lives in which the sense of justice learned from here, pride, and a sense of values continued experiencing fully the fact that happiness etc. can never be gained, only by a thing however uncertain at a little less than zero, sincerity, or patience, such as reconciliation with the challenge to reality, the desire as man, and instinct and a world, duty, common sense, and responsibility.

「 たかが人生と見捨てるなかれ、きっと何処かに、煌めく宴が待っている 」