Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.21

The empty end / 虚しい末路

There was the promising elite employee of the famous national university graduate in the business company on behalf of Japan.
He married the children of the director and was blessed with children and lived an elegant life in a high-quality apartment of Shirogane-Tokyo.
In a club of Roppongi where I dropped in at incidentally once, a fatal encounter with the Filipina waited. It would be right an unexpected event in his life.
I think that a party of the madness followed more than one year from the night. The family who should have been happy collapsed, and the company was to have been forced to resignation.
I called for the rumor of the Roppongi neighborhood suddenly in an Mabini street of Manila in the end of the year when I was about to disappear and was hailed.
I told you to want one cigarette in Japanese.I said that I was Japanese, and the person wanted one cigarette.
His eyes coiled themselves round me who held it out. It was the figure that the emperor who loved Roppongi deeply turned obvious.

When I pulled a cigarette quickly, and he added it to Japanese wrestling technique, I rubbed against a writer restlessly. I breathed in smoke greatly and hurried intensely and was crowded. I was going to take words. He said that thank you and was bashful subtly.
And I turned at the street corner at dusk at a quick pace when I began to pick up a cigarette with a forefinger to say another one of them.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.20

Lonely scene / 侘しい光景

The retired person of the great farming family of North Kanto repeated love in old age to one talent and I disposed of one piece of field and bought a house belonging to a swimming pool for the Manila suburbs.
I went back to my own country for a crop of the rice in early fall of the age. I say that a nameplate of my home was changed to another person when I come back to Manila with a souvenir one month later. It is that I was not able to see the luxury model made in Japan which I bought.

When it was called on the telephone at midnight and asked accommodations, the souvenirs such as the mountain were scattered on a bed. When help him because want to look for her now, is wailing; was considered to be it. It took it until morning when useless and tried for persuasion.
It is the thing class which cannot live without life. It will be the top of the readiness since I sell off a house and escaped. Retaliation certainly waits if I run after it. I remember that I made oneself an ogre when it is good faith to detain.



Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.19

Fact not to want to know / 知りたくない事実

The accident cause that they talent caused was caused by the alluring of the Japanese man 80%. I will let them have extreme poverty upset.
It was once throughout the life to have got greetings for the personal important matter of the talent from the man of the partner. I said when I gave you large sum of money because the old gentleman who was able to come for greetings loved you seriously and laughed.

Unfortunately I let a manager of appearance ahead take proceeds 8 million yen and disappeared with two when the woman built an excellent house for the money which she drew out from an old gentleman.
It is the story that called when I suffered a ticking off from the president of the shop which was able to come to the Philippines in pursuit of two people in a hotel of Manila. It is a very terrible act.



Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.18

Self-centered arithmetic / 身勝手な算術

It is to understand it if I calm down and think. A Philippine young woman likes what and what will very choose a foreign woman with the difference as a companion because of even if much Japan men whom
I included whether age has relations with the foreign man who is one size different in walking twice and will think about marriage in again do the culture that the culture is different in in the different standard of living?

This is because there are both circumstances that I cannot but do so in both sides there. In the case of women, it is only a breakaway from poverty.
The man side is bereavement and the lifelong separation with the spouse, a sense of humiliation that were not had anything to do with by a countryman woman, greed and mystery of the men. It is reckless to expect this frustration solution from them.

I trained the talent approximately 100 and sent my company off to Japan during more than ten years. Approximately 30 people became pregnant during term of a contract and escaped and married and were missing.
20 million yen will not certainly fall if I calculate an investment gold loss sum. There is unreasonableness very to call this business.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.17

Expectations of guests / ゲストたちの思惑

While the visitor going to the club understands that the woman of the guide assumes many incidental conditions, I become frantic in pursuit of only pleasure.
It is completely monkeyed around by a passionate mutter and whisper. I posed as a star like every evening and developed large size behavior without knowing even that several were weighed.

There was no end to the unbelievable scenes which only merely ran about in utter confusion even if a dear woman disappeared with the man of the favorite suddenly. 
My office has experience stormed into time and time again by a visitor. I followed her acquaintance from something like sense of justice in the days of the beginning, and the effort to ask did not spare a home.