Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.45

This is fraud, too / 冴えない詐欺師

When it abandoned both the shame and the reputation in woman's body desire for acquisition to have laughed most and cut vanity and met passion like a thief cat, it became a waste of what paid the price for fish which ate.
It was fanned by the remote wife of the year and would appear. It was to have been able to realize that I revolted against the stomach energy without regard for appearances again vividly.

You do not need to think deeply, and it is the Nagatani own which is nothing but it that made noise when I marry you off because I pay money.
If I perform ransom of a prostitute with an accommodation bill and satisfy greed if I more easily express it, it is to say when what pay meal charges became ridiculous. One leg is too poor for the lines of the man who questioned to 70 years old.

I repeated a poor lie over and over again and ran around and I let you settle in the childish letter one which a place to go was finally inferior to a primary schoolchild in at the lost last moment and was impressed with the state.
I was surprised that there was such a shameful man in present Japan before learning anger and carnal desires and the desire must be it and felt that I watched the actual situation to expel a personality.



Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.44

This is fraud, too / これも詐欺だった

I knew that Mr. and Mrs. Nagatani who went back to their own country at the beginning of September came back by the whisper from caddies. However, a couple gathered, and there was not a reply, and a state cut off continued even if I wore a cell-phone time and time again.
All two of them went out, and mother let eyes swim in the sky when she dropped in at the Nagatani residence for a golf return in early November if absent.

And one letter arrived from Nagatani on November 18, 2006.
When the contents talked with a Japanese friend, it was advised if 1 sen did not have to pay it. I cannot pay it economically because I am hard. It was written that I did not feel the need to pay at a stretch either. The anger did not spring out, but emptiness surrounded a big whirlpool especially.

It was forged in the entertainment world more than 25 years in those days when I was in Japan and was engaged in promoter business in this country for nearly 20 years.
There are all kinds of human beings, the experience that fought with people of complicated character. It was the aim that saved spiritual strength not to be shaken by in most things, but it was the first experience to have been pulled such a dirty curtain.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.43

Nagatani was a fraud / 長谷は詐欺師だった

I have received a telephone of intense scolding from the interpreter who was always taken care of at night of one day when I greeted the dry season. "I introduced the friend of the ex-wife to the Japanese man whom Nagatani and an ex-wife said Sone to in a marriage purpose and, by the story of the interpreter, received fee 300,000 yen" The documents which a woman was a married person, and were handed to Sone were things of the another person.

The talks could be jostled big trouble and were equal for long time, but I begrudged an interpreter extension rate and was made to guide to Japan restaurant.
The interpreter did not have you pay the transportation expenses when I thought lunch whether I treated me. She did not think that  Merylyn was such an impertinent woman. When a personality completely changed, it was flown into a rage.

There was not the reason to know whether you showed the true character whether her personality changed, but the behavior for me became surely insolent.
It was us who understood technical knowledge that I was surprised than it, and the marriage visa has been disgusted with an amateur being dangerous though I did not start the fight when I was good and dyed a hand. This is certainly fraud not exploitation.




Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.42

Like husband, like wife / 似た者夫婦

When they reached new age, and one month passed, Mr. and Mrs. Nagatani visited the office to acquire a marriage visa because flash money was necessary when they wanted you to lend 10,000 dollars.
I persisted in cash frequently, but I made a fixed deposit in the name of Nagatani with a banker and had you publish a balance certificate, and the certificate of deposit kept it to my personal safe.

I said when I wanted you to lend the debt of the house which Mrs. Nagatani purchased when the moon changed 370,000 pesos because you wanted to handle it.
I give ambiguous tongue when I ask remaining debt and a loan condition and do not talk about most. I told it to let you contact Nagatani, but the offer of the debt was repeated many times afterward by the wife.

I said a strange thing when I demanded handling of money of settlement because I was too persistent when he did not have money so as to have imagined it.
I repeated an excuse not to be correct of the consistency when I wanted payment in installments to do it because the yen rate that mother of the wife who parted did not pay money to when I demanded payment from Nagatani fell down.

Because I settled it and did not readily assume 10,000 dollars of the marriage visa a state either, I let I called it to the bank at the end of August and cancel a fixed deposit forcibly.
It was to pay it when money entered if I went back to my own country in September when I pressed it for payment of adjustment processing gold for me. It was to want to use my interpretation at parting, but declined it immediately.