Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.51

At the time of parting  / 決別の時

You used the connection of all me for the man that both a lawyer and the interpreter arranged a marriage visa without permission.
I do not say that I pay commission. You should exert the courtesy for some partners if you use the connection of another person without permission.
You are the man who is too dirty so as I am unreasonable, and to vomit in self-centeredness.

Because it is such a thing, three people are thrown away to the beautiful wife who established the child on the pretext of one flirtation.

Still Takashi cannot consent what I say after unreasonableness.
It will be good if I insist obstinately when I do not pay the price for shopping that I promised. Continue the shameful action such as the thief cat.

The act that you were shown in for my goodwill multiplied all these challenge will and struggle mind and repulsion feelings.
I do not expect an unsightly fight for  Merylyn and child who has been had for me either. However, I never accept your way of life and do not permit it throughout the life. I borrow it by all means sometime back.




私としては  Merylyn と生まれて来るお子様の為にも、見苦しい争いを望んではいない。然し、私は決して貴方の生き方を認めないし一生許すことはない。何時か必ず借り返させて頂きます。

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.50

It was the general of the country /田舎の大将だった

Because I said that I wanted to be divorced, the lawyer prepared for the interpretation and because I shouted that a woman was necessary, I found a partner and gave it.
I was said to lend 10,000 dollars by the matter of the marriage visa and your wish could be set all and gave it to condition to say when no interest prepared without security. There is too much unreasonableness even in anything how much whether but you say these when it is a made-up story.

You and an ex-wife and the older sister made up a false marriage talk and pulled off money from the Japanese who said Sone persuasively.
When I said that I used my interpretation for the talks, I was not accepted clearly, but dragged it secretly.
Even if you make a good excuse with an interpreter so much, the feelings to say when deceived heartily by Nagatani of Sone do not disappear.

I hear it if not requested by a partner after having used the interpretation secretly without understanding even such a human psychology when I was not going to pay the transportation expenses much less lunch either.
Trust and large sum of money are necessary to make a connection in country of any place. This country is not at all an exception, too. You are the fool whom such a thing cannot understand.

これらを作り話だとでも言うのですか? 幾らなんでも無理があり過ぎる。

貴方が通訳を使ってどんなに上手な言い訳をしても、曽根さんの心から長谷に騙された と云う感情は消えない。


Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.49

The old man who is full of dust / 埃まみれの老人

In the case of you, a stupid woman is deceived by a stupid visitor and is slightly different from the story to marry because I became pregnant. A wife hung you down and was not crowded, and I did not palm off a product on you.
I made full use of the rape-action that was your special ability and did not make the woman who hated one's one. All is reliance upon others.

One's cowardliness was unbearable to the old man who did not get nervous of the appearance that I was able to go to and suffered from disease of later years in the foreign ground.
A countryman was unable to overlook it and held out a hand and let the average do shopping somehow and set fresh vegetables and meat on a dining table. The illness was cured by regaining regular life, and light to live for desired has begun to place it. It is not all your power.

It is the price of the happy life that revived. It is now when I puffed out a stomach of  Merylyn greatly, and do not have it dripping by a shameful statement of the virtues of a medicine messily.
With an excuse not to be assigned to as folly, do not run around. It is not a boy of approximately 20 years old. It is an old man reaching 70 years old. You are older than me.

Your life is running out, too. Please do not break the small dream of the sad woman whom I compromised with, the happiness of a baby born before long with the sense of values of an old man stained slightly. Your act profaned me.
You should show the pride of the Japanese boy if you borrow your words even if the mother daughter of the henhouse leaves anything out.



蘇った幸せな人生の代価だ。 Merylyn 腹を大きく膨らませた今になって、ごちゃごちゃ恥ずかしい能書きを垂れないで欲しい。


Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.48

It is a miserable man / 情けない男だ

While you do not handle money of settlement to me,  Merylyn and mother are even making a definite promise when the sex relations with you do not grow.
Even if she wanted you to wait for money of settlement payment in place of you, mother talked earnestly in my office.
Three you would commit a fraud premeditatedly.

I am betrayed from the human being of the circumference after it was abandoned by a wife, and it is me who am nothing but it that injected power to live to you whom I am suspicious, and there was as light-headedness.
The thing which I wanted was available. I did only that I did it well. When it was blessed with children in a lucky thing, and it looked, did it become precious to pay money now?

I appealed for one's legitimacy using the name of another person and played with feeling in economic conditions so and so and hurled defiance if the last did not have to pay it at caustic words.
If you take pride in a full-fledged man, and do it with a vigor state with the pride as the human being; this money what kind of; even if overdo it, should settle it neatly.

When I who was why had to pay it, you seemed to threaten  Merylyn.
It is a matter of course that the person himself who bought it settles the price for woman who oneself examines it closely, and bought it. The disease recovered completely on the top, and the frustration dissolved, and favorite golf came to be possible as before, too. Do you say that there are any words?

 Merylyn 母親は、貴方が私への清算金を処理しない内は、貴方との性関係は結ばないと確約までしております。




貴方は  Merylyn に、なぜ俺が払う必要があるのだと凄んだらしい。

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.47

Monkey play of two people!? / 二人の猿芝居!?

However, she was frightened by the making of your too open established fact, and this story failed.

It was a rumor that you faced each other and pressed it for relations on the day.

A few days later, you appointed a current wife. She has been awaiting a visa, and I declined it many times, but it is you that is important not to have taken.

I persuaded her as such unwillingly and repeated an effort to get approval from mother, and you fixed the marriage condition inside the frame of two or three 1 million yen cut vanity.
I reported a marriage condition to you properly on the day and got the approval.
I grumbled that you wanted to live together even from tonight like a baby.

You were only madly in love with the making of established fact like time of Laila  and did not carry it out when responsibility and the duty as the human being were accompanied.
I took it to the name of the friend finally and justified oneself without I repeated a poor excuse, and replying to a telephone and I let you settle only in dirty letter one and did it with a state.

The above was the past whole story, but attempted rape, handling of divorce, I including the money of acquisition of your marriage visa passed to twice helped you as an acquaintance and processed it and gave it.
Both person himself and mother are too enough, and you should understand that  Merylyn which became your wife is in debt to me.





貴方の奥さんになった Merylyn に借金がある事は、貴方も本人も母親も充分すぎる程に承知している筈です。

Third-rate fraud / 三流の詐欺師 No.46

Overture / 序曲 A

I decided to send a reply after I thought for a few days.

Because I ran business such as the back business for many years, I experienced an acquaintance with various types of human beings. Because it was the kind that this Takashi has not experienced the behavior for me in the past, I feel strange resentment at the same time to be dumfounded.
I expect it when I want self-centered interpretation and hypocrisy to notice the big mistake full of waxes early at one time.

It was a relationship to have got to know you in Forrest GC, and keeping company began because I helped with divorce processing.
By your explanation, I cannot readily recover myself from the aftereffects of the divorce, and depression cannot live a life when I develop insomnia, and a woman is not in the side. I received a request whenever correct at a golf course when I introduced a bride.

Nagatani was told if mean about money, and, from Ms. of the divorced ex-wife and interpreter, myself experienced it with the body in an interval of golf.
I declined it with saying that I was hard to introduce it because the talent had a large amount of debt many times. When it was the year before last, you oneself harassed it obstinately when I paid the debt of the woman.

The feeling was able to understand me as a countryman having the part which resembled closely with you so as to have a pain in it. It was assumed that I expressed it clearly with a flinch in surplus persistence.
It could be set and gave a marriage meeting with Laila which did not have an individual manager in those days after I talked with  Merylyn which was my assistant, and a nature was good, and there were few debts.





当時アシスタントだった Merylynと相談し、気立てが良くて借金が少ない上、個人マネージャーを持たないLailaとの見合いを整えて差し上げた。